Reviews for "I AM PRESIDENT"

5 stars for "samba de uma nota só" ;)

100% security
still gets blown up.

Great game! :D

I died of a heart attack. 72 years 3 quarters.
Total control, inhuman laws, inhuman punishment, no food.
0% Popularity, 0% Infrastructure, 100% Security, 0% Happiness. 100% Fear, 0% Crime.
2 Alien Attacks, 9 Assassination Attempts (2 attempted bombings, 7 Gunman)

(I started to wonder if I had broke the game. My security never dropped below 99%, even though I was putting all my points towards popularity. LOL)

I've never tried to be a dictator before in any game, but I wondered how far I could take it.

Blobzone responds:

Maybe you should quit whatever you are doing now and become a dictator instead? Seems like its in your blood :3

Awesome Game!

Got re-elected thrice without faking elections. probably I'll try politics for sure (just joking hahahah)

I really liked the art and the idea, keep up the good work.


How to get the last secret medal? (I got the heart attack one and ufo one)