Reviews for "I AM PRESIDENT"

Im having a really annoying problem, my cursor is hide! D: is very hard to click on stuff

Anyway, the ideia is really solid! Just a little up on the graphics will make this a 5/5 game!!

Not bad at all! I quit playing after 88 years, though. 88!! No heart attacks or successful assassination attempts. Fear was close to 100%, popularity was 32%, crime 0%, everything else 100%. Did I just find the "right" way to do things? Or is it a balance defect?

It's a decent simulator, but there weren't any options to make baseless and detrimental claims on social media platforms. How are you supposed to undermine the seriousness and authority of the presidency without an unchecked twitter account? Two stubby thumbs up for the fake elections option, though. #MakeRussiaGreatAgain

Perfect set up:
Mild Punishments
Food Rations
Little Control
Hard Laws

this is bulshit

i kept people happy , kept crime rates at 0 and hardly alny laws and these motherfuckers still linch me.