Reviews for "I AM PRESIDENT"

Fun concept, but it needs more events and perhaps a national struggle of some sort. The only thing you need to do to reach 100% in everything is to put punishments high, and all expenditures into infrastructure without dropping security below 11%. Once infrastructure reaches 100% begin spending budget points on happiness, and popularity to keep it over 50% and slowly increase them. After infrastructure you should spend most of your money on increasing security over time. Once security gets high you can decrease your punishments or set your agenda to whatever you want.

really game no fun and i'm see games best this and no fun really and really need to make best this

Good to know that all you need to keep the presidency is to give people food and stadiums...depressingly realistic gameplay for the win! :C 5 stars for the gameplay, but -1 for making me depressed.

I was expecting more political satire with this. I mean, Donald Trump is President! The jokes write themselves! This was basically nothing but you putting in percentages. I mean, there was so little action. I guess the music was alright.

Let's hope this works out in real life. No, that's too clich├ęd. Anyway, I just wasn't interested in getting the medals. It's mostly because I didn't know how to! At least it was a tad unique.

I don't really see the fun in this game, you basically just are adding to percents but nothing really happens