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Reviews for "I AM PRESIDENT"

The game is beaten in the following way:
1) mild punishments, a lot of food, normal control, normal laws
2) invest almost exclusively in security and infrastructure
3) when every stat maxed to 100%, no crime, no fear, budget cannot be assigned, keep the settings in 2)
4) every UFO attack reduce temporarily to normal food and spend most in infrastructure
3) after the second assassination attempt increase control.

Popularity and happiness will slowly grow by themselves with the above strategy.
Fear appears with hard laws or punishments, but those 1-5% are tolerable in the first couple of years for reducing crime.

My review to the author: the game is overly simple but still quite interesting. Would be more captivating if there were more events, more stats to control (e.g. foreign relations, education, research) and if the quarters could be skipped by assigning a default budget strategy (automatically applying the budget as previously applied). Have a look at the game "Rebuild 2" (zombie game), I spent countless hours in this kind of game due to how detailed the stats are and how well it continued to a new game after the game itself ended.

First Try
-No food
-Fake Elections
- Unhuman Laws
- Unhuman Punishments
-Total Control
- Puts entire budget into Security
Dies of a heart attack a few cycles later

10/10 Would Reign of Terror Again

Very boring game

This is fun and creative and shows how whatever you think you're doing is right, people will always find something to complain about. What's difficult is that you say you'd listen to people yet all you get is a report gauging people and the country based on a handful of factors like infrastructure and entertainment, laws and control. Many of these are important, and there's no left/right wing here.

Initially i did ok adding more happiness/popularity but crime was going up a bit and fear seems to always always always go up. Perhaps the key is the former?

This game is mediocre. I do believe however with more interactive gameplay and maybe cut scenes or action sequences it would better allow us to decide what actions to take. Overall, it was pretty generic, simulation games are one of favorite styles of games, but this game wasn't enough. However has lots of potential.