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Reviews for "I AM PRESIDENT"

It's pure black for me so Im going to assume good game few bugs, classic newground

Wow, Being president is easy.

President for 23 years, everything maxed at 100%, suddenly someone blows up the parliament oh well.

Not much of a game tbh, I suppose you can go very far just by clicking randomly on whatever option

It's meh. If you add on to it then it could be great!

Well... if it isn't another Trump parody. Well actually not really... this is a very simplified game about ruling the state, similar to Democracy 3 for example, but really really dumbed down. The pixel art was relatively nice the random events were good(although the alien attack one seemed a bit out of place)... and well the game really doesn't have much to offer in terms of what you can do. It also seems that playing as a dictatorship is much easier... now I'm not saying it wouldn't be in real life, and that other games also have that... but I think this game makes it much harder to play otherwise... very few options, limited interactions and a few random events that's about it. At least it has an achievements system and a scoreboard so that's nice. I made a let's play of it right here: https://youtu.be/R3ba25fkPuQ . My overall feeling is kind of... "eeeh" but still it was some fun so keep making better game.

Blobzone responds:

Nice video, i had fun watching it :)

Yeah, the game is kind of basic. Was more an experiment. Had some issues balancing all the stats and yes there really could have been more events.

Thanks for playing.