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Reviews for "I AM PRESIDENT"

100% security
still gets blown up.

Great game! :D

Very interesting. it gets rather easy to find one of several "niches" with the system though. People with polar opposite governments in the comments are all getting no crime and 100% across the board by simply balancing the agenda so they can CORRECT the issues their gov creates via the points system. In short, too much leniency with points allows for almost any government with extremes that are equal (2 low extremes and 2 high extremes) to survive via damage control. RNG also messes with you a lot at the beginning depending on your intended gov, since on my first day in office I was shot (before I could make any adjustments) for my first method and got aliens the first two days of my third method.

Just in my playthrough alone, I went with four different methods that got me all the medals easily. My method starting off with a lot of control, a lot of food food, and normal-to-low laws & punishments (depending on if I needed more points to save other things while I poured a ton into security). This helped me survive the assassinations but not get reelected. I then tried to make a full dictatorship, which got me secret medal 12. The other two methods came from the comments-- Popope's got me positive awards, reelection in real elections, and secret medal 13, while Piexe Aereo's method got me through the fake election, medal 12 again, and (incidentally when I messed up at first) secret medal 14.

It's a fun game with nice retro graphics, but it's very easy to get re-elected and make everyone love you.

Step 1: Start with Mild Punishments, No Food at All, Normal Control. Mild Laws.
Step 2: Put your entire budget into Infrastructure until it's 100%.
Step 3: Maintain your 100% Infrastructure and put any remaining budget into Happiness.
Step 4: Once your Happiness passes your Popularity, you will slowly gain Popularity as long as your Happiness stays above your Popularity.
Step 5: Once both Happiness and Popularity are at 100%, start putting points into Security, along with maintaining your Infrastructure, Happiness, and Popularity.
Step 6: Once everything is at 100%, start slowly bumping up your food amounts each turn until you reach A Lot of Food. You'll have less budget, but there's no need for it at this point.
Step 7: Maintain your 100%'s until you're tired of playing.

I play for the song. The game wasn't something that I cared for.

Its a good game, although it is a bit difficult to get re-elected. Also the music in the background is really annoying.