Reviews for "I AM PRESIDENT"

I had been president for 44 years with no fakes elections, no riots , and no civil wars.
But finally I was not re-elected.Was it the term limits in this game? Were they just tired of me?

Following is how I achieved this.

Political agenda:
Normal punishments, A lot of food, Normal control
Hard laws → Normal laws→Mild laws→Normal laws

I changed my agenda of laws when the crime goes 0.
And then I mitigated their fear.

Priority in first 3 years:
1.Security improve (target:50)
2.Keeping the infrastructure over 60
3.Keeping my popularity over 40

Priority in the fourth year:
1.Improving my popularity (target:60)
2.Keeping the security and the infrastructure as high as the possible

Priority after the re-election:
1.Max out the security and the infrastructure

The high security and infrastructure raised my popularity and their happiness automatically.

But it is not a sure way at all...it depends heavily on my luck.
Especially, how many times did aliens ruin my effort? I foget it.

i literally just played evil ruler and only focused on popularity, also maybe add some more gameplay like walking around or something

This game clearly supports being a dictator lmao, i couldn't get things done other way around, i would end up getting killed or just not re elected, seems like the easiest way to go is faking elections, unhuman punishments and 100% fear. Simple but fun. Except when random events pop up , like aliens destroying my infrastructure for no apparent reason.

Excellent game I've played. You going to have to use your brain for this in order to make your country exactly you want.

Overall fun and entertaining. It's simple but it works. My only complaint is that sometimes it seems to be based on luck.