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Reviews for "I AM PRESIDENT"

Ok... I was doing fine being a dictator, then a heart attack killed me, JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE! A++

Between my 15th and 16th elections, my Popularity dropped from 100% to 0%. And then sometime after my 20th re-election they tried to assassinate me like 10 times despite my 100% security, finally succeeding in exploding me. And I was looking forward to outliving everyone. What happened, I was the best thing to come along in centuries, people should know better than to depose a ruler who keeps everyone happy all the time. At least my statue will live on, unless a bunch of libtards decide to pull it down. Fear is much much easier to control than popularity! They will be scared to pull down my statue.

I had been president for 44 years with no fakes elections, no riots , and no civil wars.
But finally I was not re-elected.Was it the term limits in this game? Were they just tired of me?

Following is how I achieved this.

Political agenda:
Normal punishments, A lot of food, Normal control
Hard laws → Normal laws→Mild laws→Normal laws

I changed my agenda of laws when the crime goes 0.
And then I mitigated their fear.

Priority in first 3 years:
1.Security improve (target:50)
2.Keeping the infrastructure over 60
3.Keeping my popularity over 40

Priority in the fourth year:
1.Improving my popularity (target:60)
2.Keeping the security and the infrastructure as high as the possible

Priority after the re-election:
1.Max out the security and the infrastructure

The high security and infrastructure raised my popularity and their happiness automatically.

But it is not a sure way at all...it depends heavily on my luck.
Especially, how many times did aliens ruin my effort? I foget it.

i literally just played evil ruler and only focused on popularity, also maybe add some more gameplay like walking around or something

This game clearly supports being a dictator lmao, i couldn't get things done other way around, i would end up getting killed or just not re elected, seems like the easiest way to go is faking elections, unhuman punishments and 100% fear. Simple but fun. Except when random events pop up , like aliens destroying my infrastructure for no apparent reason.