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Reviews for "KFNX - SILVER FUSION (2003)"


Its pretty sexy indeed. I never heard such a good tracker song. You get a good score for the sexy sound and for the fact it takes skill and long time to make a track with a tracker program. ^_^



Wow, that was friggin awsome, man! I loved this! The synths were incredible with the bass. Omg I just love everything in this song! Good job you sure got my download!:D

This is really awesome

Cant beleive you made this song so well with presets! Amazing.

I loved the melodies and the drums. very cool. Check out my stuff!


KFNX responds:

Thank's yogosun!

Well, this is one of the first songs i've ever made XD I've used MadTracker for this song. No loops were used.
It was in a very old lost folder on my PC. And I just had to submit it. It wouldve been a waste if i just deleted it.

I'll definately check out your stuff :)
Tnx again!