Reviews for "Coingregate"

Seeing this parody of the crap idle/clicker games that completely wrecked Kongregate and took it from being a top tier game site to a pathetic den of brats who downrate practically any game that doesn't hand the player a "win" for waiting and grinding regardless of their skill or ability to strategize was sort of entertaining in its own right.

But if you're looking for a fun game, don't bother playing this.

just sitting here and fucking waiting...yet its charming somehow

This game is so bad that it somehow went past the lowest point of badness and turned good again.

Also you shouldn't be able to see what ALL of the coins look like before you're close to being able to buy them. That would add more motivation to keep playing.

MisterTtocS responds:

Dang, you're right! I will keep that in mind for future games! :)

Also, thanks for playing!

this game is oddly auditing and relaxing>

MisterTtocS responds:

Thanks for playing! :)

Holly shit.... this is actually very nice! A complete waste of time, but a good one! Its so charming. The music is spot on, and the sound effects!!!