Reviews for "Coingregate"

Seeing this parody of the crap idle/clicker games that completely wrecked Kongregate and took it from being a top tier game site to a pathetic den of brats who downrate practically any game that doesn't hand the player a "win" for waiting and grinding regardless of their skill or ability to strategize was sort of entertaining in its own right.

But if you're looking for a fun game, don't bother playing this.

Terrible. I was going to write a detailed review, but judging by the effort you put into this "game" I don't think you'd put in effort to read a review about it.

MisterTtocS responds:

Believe me. I read all reviews. ;)

this game dosent quite make sense because coins are basically money, and using money to buy money (unless you are changing currency) dosent make sense but i like the idea of it.

Boring, It's basically the video game version of the waiting game.