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Reviews for "Spectral Fun ~P~"

I'm a long time fan, so glad to see you're still making great work. I wasn't prepared for the bass to hit like that, in the good way.

wounderful work like always

You're really good with beats

Really awesome sounds! This experiment was super well produced. I had to research SpectralLayers, looks like a fun app. $400 seems like a hefty price tag for something that kind of looks like a gimmick but hey, I bet people say the same thing about Propellerhead's Reason. After watching the demo video I have to say I want it. Could I get some opinions on SpectralLayers? Is it as easy to use as the video makes it look? I need to know how you feel about the app. Pretty pretty please?

Half star taken off because what was that stutter in those kicks at the beginning? Is that a side-effect from chopping frequencies in SL?

Phyrnna responds:

Ah thanks! :D
I decided to yank it as part of their Audio Master Suite which included both SpectraLayers and SoundForge (which I already had been using extensively) for $600. Honestly well worth the money for the incredible utility of both softwares and while other "cheaper" alternatives exist it's well worth the investment.
The interface isn't as super intuitive and easy to learn as FL's, but it's a very easy pick up especially if you look up tutorials or just read the instructions. The few stuff shown on their video is definitely as easy as it seems (though further tweaking yields more fun results) and already lets you do quite a bit. I've done some further experimentation to get some further interesting results and sounds.
As for the kicks at the beginning, that was a side effect of spectral casting tempo sync'd kicks but with slightly different decays and attacks. I guess you could say I created a sort of destructive interference lol.

A subtle yet interesting remix of your MonHunter song. Was listening to the familiar intro, the progressions, and the confirming end.

Have I found you out?


Phyrnna responds:

Yep :p