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Reviews for "Teen Titans"

What's the name of the song?

Don't want to spoil the mood, but when it comes to voiceovers and making actual excellent parodies of these sorta things, Zone-sama has this beat to a pulp.

Very good. whats the name of the song?

Okay, first... good work. You've managed to cover the bases well. Will admit at least some of the time there's a distinct shift in the music center... but the audio QUALITY is clean. Voices are distinct and clear... sound effects are established enough to be obvious and complementary to the sight... everything sync's up well.
Four-eyes on Raven??? No, I think you intended to add some flare to her eyebrows for those scenes... but the effect needs a little more tinkering. Shading or something... lolz... happens to everyone... It's close, just not quite there yet.
If it was me drawing her, I'd probably have gone with a cute little tuft of pubic hair (either matching carpet to drapes or something obnoxiously neon to accent the color scheme) and I'd probably have put a little more to her clit'... BUT I'm not the one drawing her here, so... That's again a "style" question, NOT a quality issue... (feel free to skip stuff like that) :oD
Final ..."cum" scene... Okay, for what it's worth, yes... it does come across as kind of "where the hell is the splooge coming from?" I think you kind of worked against yourself when you picked that camera angle and position for it. He's clearly inside her, so you're going to have to change angle for visibility if you want to play (believably) with body fluids. You're only other real choices for a cum-scene are (A) pull out to shoot over her back.... or (B) Exaggerate sound and voice work to emphasize orgasm/ejaculation... or (C) create an "X-ray view" so there's a clear sight of what's going on inside her. Of course, this is assuming you want to play with body-fluids BELIEVABLY, so if not... then don't. It's a cartoon after all.
Best results for least effort? As the music plays through this, and after, it has a tendency to shift... It finally ended up all in the left side. Maybe you intended it, and maybe not. I'd recommend not (honestly)... It's more distracting than supporting your work... And you put in and obvious LOTS of work on this. It might take a little reading up in the help files or even posting on forums with your software (don't forget that or you incur lots of unhelpful advice) to find the right tinkering in the sound.
Finally, don't forget to breathe, relax, and keep on keeping on. I hope this is the kind of feedback you can really use. And I look forward to your next. :oD

creepy face from secrets but ok