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Reviews for "Teen Titans"

Vse konechno zaebis' no ti sdelai chtobi u nih pobolshe chastei tela dvigalos'. I nachalniy ekran zapili, kogda flashka prosto tak startuet eto ne professionalno kak to.
Very good, all my 5 stars to this.

lmao I lose it at "Booyah!"

Great game. I'm jumping on that "what song is in this" train.

t.e.e.n .t.i.t.i.a.n.s teen titans lets CUM!!

So I got 5 stars for you because I'm a fan.
but anyway there's some criticisms with this one.
The cum button kept twitching, with it's hit box being hard to click on, typically buttons have a much larger invisible hitbox. So anyway I misclicked like 5 times.
I feel like there's too much jelly sound effects. It's almost like we are listening to someone put jello on the mic, and then squish it around.
cyborgs dick was a little freaky and distracting.
aw no anal?