Reviews for "Zelda Milk"

This made me slightly uncomfortable....3.5. great animation but I didn't really get the joke.

Strange yet entertaining

Alright so this is an interesting and entertaining flash film you have here it does get strange mainly at the end lol but that's what made it funny and I really like the idea of this the humor was good and I do want to take a minute here and give a big congrats be on the awards won for this one anyways nice work here

I'm not sure but maybe adding more strange randomness


I really enjoyed this strange animation, and it was really well done. When it got slightly weird, I was a bit off-put by it, but it definitely made me laugh. Once Link crawled along the floor to just cover Zelda up, that was where this animation made me laugh even more. Good job, and keep making weird, enjoyable stuff like this.

i have no words....