Reviews for "Square Jump City"

Its okay.

First of all i would really like a settings menu for small things like turning off music or sound.
For me it isnt really relaxing music.

Although i think its alright if you play it on your smartphone i dont think its alright for clicking with a mouse.
Maybe change the colors into keys on your keyboard for computer users?

I do not see any challenge in it. I don't reach any level or goal. It doesnt go any faster and the only progress i make is with collecting those figures.

I hope you don't take this review too negatively.
Overall i give 3 stars becouse i do like the idea! :)

PEVA responds:

each 15 stars you get the game is going faster * 0,1 timescale

no way to mute, loses points for that, other then that, pretty good.

PEVA responds:

added icon to main menu, enjoy! :-)

The idea is interesting, but the game has several flaws and definitely is not suitable for computer + mouse. This is the important thing that many developers that create games for mobile devices do not understand. If you can just tap the screen - the game is easy. When you have to move the cursor - it becomes weird, although you can develop a strategy for this.
Lots of times the respawning happens in the way that makes it impossible to land anywhere because you are falling just between the platforms. Also the RNG of the game is creating impossible patterns, for example when you get an extremely high platform after a very low one.
And the cumulative medals are not working, I collected about 150 stars in one run, but the first medal did not unlock.

PEVA responds:

Hi thanks :)
1) You can "jump" with a color even when you respawn and land...
2) you can double jump to get to higher platforms
3) I just updated new version that removes "stars" bug, thanks! please refresh browser cache.

A very great game to play to just kill some time for entertainment. Maybe add custom number of colors and more colors?

PEVA responds:

thank you!:-) i was thinking about more colors but it may become chaotic on screen ...

This is a REALLY neat game! I became entranced by it!
I was having a hard time making it to the top of the taller buildings, until I got the hang of double jumping, but once I did, I was unstoppable!! :D
The music, sfx and art are super appealing too! Nice work :)

PEVA responds:

thank you!:-)