Reviews for "Bruce Wizard - Magic Trick"

I love the dulcet tones of bruce wizard's voice.

Wtf was this episode lol

A good film

Wow this was pretty amazing I love the voice on this and the animation soared with delight the awards are well deserving on this one because you showed so much quality and as for improvments I'm not sure but this was some top solid stuff and I really enjoyed what you put out today so no need for any kind of improvement but anyways nice work

Not a single thing it was crazy good


Long time since I saw a cartoon from Sexual-Lobster, and things haven't changed.
Still great animation, fantastic voice acting and weird plots.
Still, this might be a bit too weird for my taste.
There is no real humor except in randomness, and 99% of internet is random humor. I hoped for something more regarding humor.
Still, glad to see you are still going strong :)

he cant do magic but he got the job as a wizard teacher and has a hat that connects to another dimension and a 20$ bill that comes alive. okay.....
people should really stop 5 starring your videos just because they like you.