Reviews for "Bruce Wizard - Magic Trick"

well, ok... no, really, I'm totally fine with this... yeah, totally understand every single frame...

I'm gonna go lie down now, ok?

I think this is my favorite short of yours.

I don't know why but my favorite part is when Thomas Jefferson appears and the girl says "what?". Really sums up the whole experience.

This is amazing and I don't know what else to say. Am I on drugs right now? That would make things more sensible.

as wizard of zardoz would've put it...

once again, you've created a wonderful movie, filled with many excellent jokes, great drawings of the characters/of their face expressions, and of wacky/cool/accurate(at some parts)/awesome comedic moments in your movie...

i mean, i loved how smug/arrogant bruce wizard's face was, and his mannerisms/arrogance/expressions were very accurate, spot-on!
i also liked his recurring friendship with thomas jefferson, (who is the voice of wisdom in all this mess).
and the turtus/zardoz wizard joke was excellent as well, while the hat wars scene was awesome, along with bruce wizard's hat/shot trick....
aaaand the selfie wars moment was cool as well...
i particularly liked that bruce wizard was so ''fragile'' and ''needy'' of taking a selfie, while thomas jefferson only did it for the purpose of keeping a historic record of his e-battles... same thing applies to their #hashtag-mentions, where each one had a corresponding tag, which matched their (probable+assumed) personalities!

ah, what a great movie!
i loved every moment in it, and it was beautifully drawn/animated, with top-notch humour.
great work as always, keep up the good work!