Reviews for "Bruce Wizard - Magic Trick"

+1 for North reference.

The gun is good!

Huh. You wrote a song for Jackson, eh?

it was great up until the magic hat realm and turtus, it was totally baseless. even if it was based then it still wasn't great. the hat duel was funny though.

Even with the above being true to my perception this one is still so funny because of the first half it is one of my most remembered favorites. Also, looking at just animation, you really are one of the best solo-animators on the internet because even though there are a lot of stills the lighting effects and the subtle details really bring to life the entire set. The colors are original and the cast dress is also excellent to portray just that right amount of polish to capture the scene with the excellent cinematography to support it's structure. Really great stuff here!

Very well done! The rabbit trick had me laughing