Reviews for "Bruce Wizard - Magic Trick"

that shit happened in my highschool class as well. teacher shot the man child dead-to-rights. killed him then pulled a living version out of his hat. the man child never flipped another table in his life.

i think this is his best flash yet

Zardoz approves. The gun is good. Students acting like a penis are... well, not good.

Excellently random, and full of awesome. Props for turning it into an actual orange nappy! Now I want to go find my copy of Zardoz...

Sexual-Lobster responds:


Excellent. I was watching John Adams on HBO and just realized that the guy who plays Thomas Jefferson also plays Stannis from Game of Thrones. You should animate Jefferson as Stannis next time. LOL.

This bold move casts Magical Andrew Jackson in a new light. Has Turtus really redeemed him? Is Zed really in his 40s? If so, how much longer can he pull off that harness outfit?

This whole episode only raises more questions. I look forward with building incomprehension to the next!