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Reviews for "Shop Empire Fable"

A fantastic journey through medieval times starring adorable animals! The level of detail in graphics is great, it's a lot of fun to watch critters show up and interact with the stores. All your favorite aspects of the Tycoon genre are here, in a tightly-knit lunch-break style package. The music is engaging and familiar, options are what you'd want (graphics toggles, volume control), and an ongoing list of missions keeps you engaged.

Out of 10....

GFX - 9 (full animations, great details, retro feel)
SFX - 8 (familiar soundtrack, good effects quality)
DESIGN - 9 (Clever expansion on the Shop Tycoon formula)
GAMEPLAY - 8 (Familiar, but fresh)
VALUE - 8 (may not run well on low-end hardware, but hours of fun)

Overall, it's another sequel to the Shop Tycoon franchise we've seen from LittleGiantWorld. It expands on the concept and design, in almost every way. It's definitely the next step for this series!

LittleGiantWorld responds:

thank you, have a great day :)

Awesome game! Deserve 5 stars! Keep up the nice work!

LittleGiantWorld responds:

thank you, have a great day :)

awesome game suggestion for another one please make mansion home building with casion building as well


An amazing,simple and fun game that will be a permanent favourite of mine!