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Reviews for "Selectorium"

Very interesting concept, way to short. Little let down that last 2 skills are just better than rest not new mechanic like with other skills.

Great game. What's missing for 5 stars?
* music
* some story
* more levels

I really like the fact, that finding out what exactly each skill is doing, is part of the game. With the knowledge gained on the last level some of the previous ones might have been easier.

Style is ok, but it sometimes requires too precious timing instead of accurate skill choosing

Your basic game with a simple major mechanic. I found myself learning that the way to progress is to choose your power-ups wisely, and use them when absolutely necessary. Despite myself having yet to 'beat' the game, I read the description ahead of time and thankfully the developer stated there was no pay-out at the end of the game. The levels are well designed as far as I have experienced, and thought out. I have not experienced any problems or annoyances. If the developer wishes to expand on this game, I would advise to add another mechanic to add a different type of challenge alongside your current set up.

With that being said, in conclusion:

The game is simple.
It is well programmed.
Assets are well done (including audio).
Good choice on audio creation source. I suggest using it for any aspiring indie developer. (in dev's description).

I love it just the way it is.
Good work. 5/5.

- Demetrios