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Reviews for "Selectorium"


A fun and easy game.

The abilities become progressively more interesting. We've all seen the majority of them before, but the last one was definetely the most creative, both on paper and gameplay, leading me to think the solutions ahead.

However, for each interesting and engaging level, there are a few that seem a bit too easy. Furthermore, the player must pick exactly three powers, when some levels only require two. Also, some levels can be approached with different combinations.

With that in mind, a score system that takes into account how many and what powers are used surely will benefit game - the basic powers should award more points than the advanced ones; using less powers awards bonus points; using different powers rather than spamming should also reward the player.

The visuals are very well conceived, but the sound effects could be... darker? This may be a nitpick, but I think the bleeping is pretty dated and doesn't go well with the atmosphere of the game.

Overall, really polished for something made in a short period of time.

Interesting, good made game

Great game!

Excellent game all around but you should DEFINITELY ADD in the description that there are skills where you might want to HOLD DOWN THE KEY.

I was stuck on the last level until I figured out that your las skill is not just a bomb....

StuffedWombat responds:

yeah, thats my bad.

Will add that in an update :)