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Reviews for "Selectorium"

I like the concept, nice game with smooth gameplay.

It's fun :).

That last one though

(cover if you dont want to see the answer) .................. bombs can walk through bombs and click switches and also move on their own

that last level was really sneaky... *spoiler alert* bomb people can walk through spikes

Hey nice to see you again over here with another cool Platformer game... this time with even more intriguing puzzles than before and a completely new gameplay element in form of the power ups. This game makes use of both your quick reaction time for a platformer as well as your intelligence to figure out the different puzzles. It's also nice to see that there are different ways in which you can solve certain levels which does make it be more open from a design point and more rewarding for figuring out a way, rather than just guessing the right one. The game however does have some issues in explaining certain functions to the player. Starting from the side dash(which I initially didn't think it goes in the way the character is facing) to the fact that you can hold space bar on certain powers makes a whole world of a difference, especially on the last level. This could've been easily solved with a slightly better tutorial. That and an achievement system + some story would've made it a 5/5 game in my book, but as such it's just shy below that. I made a let's play of it right here: https://youtu.be/RwlEEL8l-MY . So you can see and understand the thought process I went through to figure out the game. Keep it up though, it was a good game.