Reviews for "Greetings from Potato Island"

Considering the way your other games have ended, I would not have been surprised if in the end Shawnacy had been right the whole time.

I am so, so glad that wasn't the case. I hate that kind of ending.

Three of the game puzzles were hard. I had to guess half of the answers for two of these puzzles. I had to watch walkthrough for the third hard puzzle which is a word puzzle. I had an idea how to solve it but I didn't have the energy to solve it after being stuck on the other puzzles. I love tricky puzzles when they don't stop me from enjoying the game and when they are made fairly for the target group. Tricky games like this are more suited for teens and older.

so is the potato guy a cannibal?

I really like the games you publish. This one was fun and puzzles where good as well. Keep it up.