Reviews for "Greetings from Potato Island"

What a coincidence i'm eating a potato!!


All hail the potato! XD

You did it! You finally made a game that's all about potatoes! This made my day! XD

pretty good

This was a really nice little game. Granted, I'm mostly bad at it, but I still liked it. It's probably because of how clear everything is. The music is really nice too. I was able to get up tons and aluminum foil. That reminds me of the Weird Al Yankovic song.

I'll probably always think of that when using that phrase. It makes sense to have a potato island. There's so many things you can do with potatoes! I liked how it was easy to understand. There were still a lot of details put into it.

Game's ok, but for unknown reason dafe code didn't work. So I can't complete a game, aw-aw. Using Yandex browser.