Reviews for "Valhalla Bound"

I like this game very much! The more old school style is very fitting!
When I first started it I was a bit confused about why it didn't have music. But I think it actually doesn't miss out on that. The SFX are very well used.
The gameplay is really hard at the beginning to be honest but I really like that. You have to try a bit harder to achieve something here! The Tutorial is very well made though so that's totally fine.
A very cool aspect also: all the little details! The game over sequence is amazing, the Tutorial is skippable (very good ^^"), the detail that the ghosts die when they bump against the rock, ...
Really good job there! ^^
(I hope I didn't write too much lmao)

Avizial responds:

Glad you noticed all the small details! And the more you write, the better our games will become. :)

We are big fans of retro-style games, so the difficulty is going to be up there (only 1 person has beaten this game!) Just keep trying, we added some pretty cool sections (a boss, more enemies and some more obstacles!)

Thanks for playing the game, we have plans to continue expanding this game in the future. Hope to hear more from you in our future games!