Reviews for "Valhalla Bound"

it was fun. i actually liked that you did something about a culture, not so much people tries to do what you did here, the animation was pretty fun, even the game over was fun, i hope you will keep doing this games, and i hope ill be better the next time i play it ( i just get into the phase 2 and died), i though i could throw a max bow and get it before the boat escape and ¬°whoops¬° failed again.
anyway good job, as a recommendation, why dont you try to do a hooligan fight in uk? that would be fun, especially if sex pistols sings something xd


latinoamerican 16 years old kid. comendado.

Avizial responds:

Glad to see you enjoyed the game!

The Viking culture has been an interesting one! We got the idea watching Viking documentaries on the History channel one day. Just sort of popped in our heads and made sense as a game :)

The game-over sequence is one of our favorite things about this game. We also have a few other cool sequences if you progress far enough. Don't give up and keep trying!

With your support, along with all the other players, we will always be inspired to make games :D

Thank you for playing our game. We hope to hear from you in future titles.

The worst tutorial i have EVER (capital letters fully intended) seen.

Avizial responds:

Can you please elaborate on what makes this the worst tutorial you have ever seen?

We understand that if you are a more skilled player you will find the tutorial boring and/or unnecessary; however, it explains how to play and the rules of the game as clearly as we can explain them.

In addition, the tutorials are completely skip-able with the "fast-forward" button on the upper-left hand corner. (Make sure to change the button to "Demo Off" in the main menu to avoid the tutorial once you have seen it.)

If you encounter a situation or instance in the game where you need help, we are more than happy to help.

If you have any suggestions or feedback on how to improve the tutorial, we are always listening.

Thank you for playing our game. We eagerly await your input.

Demo has to be completely redone. If you turn it off, eventually you get far enough, but then you don't know what to do because you turned it off because you've already sat through it too many times. For example I kept losing at level 5, turned the demo off, but then I got to the sea king and died because I didn't know what I was supposed to do. The demo could be replaced by arrows that simply say "hit here" and play lose sound effects when you hit the wrong thing. No need to sit through a tutorial for a point and click.

Avizial responds:

This is some great feedback. Let us take a look at the tutorial and see if we can do a few tweaks.

We have gotten some feedback with players saying they had no idea how to play it; however, we understand that the more skilled players might find the tutorial boring or unnecessary. We think a fair middle ground is met with a skip-able tutorial and disabling tutorial outright from the main menu.

We shall look into some possible tweaks :)

Glad to see a player has finally gotten to the sea king god, Aegir! Perhaps we should make his weak-point a little more obvious. Maybe make it sparkle, shine or glow? We will test to see what looks best.

Hint: If you want to defeat the sea king boss, you have to shoot the gem on his crown with a mighty blow!

Thanks for playing the game! We hope to hear from you in our future games.

This is a very good game.It has a lot of detail added to it that makes it even better.The controls are smooth and the game runs well.It has a very good diffuculty to it,making it not to easy or to hard.It has very good old school graphics and addictive gameplay. My only real problem with it is the lack of mobility with the bow.

Avizial responds:

Excellent, glad you enjoyed the game!

We have played and tested this game to death. Good to see that players notice all the hard work :) Retro games will always hold a special place in our hearts.

We have received much feedback about expanding the game beyond this scenario. We have plans to add more levels and interesting play styles.

Thanks for playing the game! We hope to hear from you in our future games.

This game is amazing, it looks and plays very well.
The only thing I didn't like was the tutorials. They were too long and explained things that you can figure out on your on (The only one that is kinda necessary is the first one, but I think you can handle it better)

Avizial responds:

Awesome, glad you enjoyed the game!

At one point we didn't have tutorials; however, some players requested it. Luckily, you (and future players) don't have to see those tutorials. We have a "Demo On/Off" button on the upper-left hand corner of the main menu to disable the tutorials to your heart's content. You probably already figured out the fast-forward button ;) We will make an update to the description to point this out.

Thanks for playing the game! We hope to hear from you when we release our future games.