Reviews for "Valhalla Bound"

Very promising!

Sadly, it hangs after finishing the first phase. It just stays there after adding the bonus points. Water moves and mouse reacts but nothing else. The forward arrow on the upper left isn't clickable.

Playing on latest Safari, latest Flash, OSX El Capitan

Avizial responds:

We appreciate the feedback.

We looked into our code and noticed some conflicting logic. We will update the game soon and hopefully you will be able to play the game to the fullest potential! I'll send you a message myself :)

Thanks for being patient and thank you for playing our game. We hope to hear from you in future titles.

Tutorials are way to tedious.

Avizial responds:

We appreciate the feedback.

We are working on some tweaks. Since we have had so much feedback on the tutorials, we feel confident a majority of players here on Newgrounds are skilled players. We will trigger the tutorials to off as default. We will keep the tutorial button for those that wish to view them.

Thanks for playing our game! Hope to hear from you in future titles!

The tutorial made quit in the second level, is to long. Just add an screen showing something that says "Hit this shit. Don't hit that shit"

Avizial responds:

We are working on some tweaks for the tutorial. If you want, just skip the tutorials, they were meant for new/casual players on the mobile device.

We are realizing that more skilled players find the tutorials boring and unnecessary.

Actually, you just gave us a good idea. We will add a separate tutorial for skilled players that will be just that. A visual representation of the automated tutorial we have in place. That way you can obtain all the necessary info needed about the game with waiting through the tutorials.

Thanks for playing our game! If I can implore you to play up to Level 10, you will see a majority of what the game offers (though there are more enemies and obstacles after Level 10) Just skip the tutorials on Level 3 (the last set of tutorials, we promise) Or you can also trigger the tutorials with the "Demo On/Off" button on the upper-left hand corner of the main menu.

Your feedback was great. Hope to hear from you in future titles.

The game is great! What are you supposed to do about rain?
Why is the tutorial so slow and unnaturally long?
Why is there no 'next' option in the tutorial (that doesn't skip the whole thing)?

Avizial responds:

Glad you are enjoying the game!

1) With the rain, it will put out the fires on the boats you light up. One trick is to use charged shots, they light the boats up faster and they won't be put out by the rain.

2) We had several players give feedback before for a tutorial. Since this game is on mobile, several children didn't understand the rules and mechanics of the game, they simply just tapped on the screen.

However, we realize that the more skilled players will find these tutorials boring and unnecessary. We will be working on a making a few tweaks to the tutorial soon.

3) Interesting. We never thought of having to just skip parts of the tutorial. Let us take that into consideration as one of the tweaks.

This was all some great feedback! Thanks for playing our game. We hope to hear from you in our future titles.

Good game, but so many tutorials.

Avizial responds:

We will be working on getting a few tweaks done to the tutorials so players can get into playing the game faster.

Thanks for playing our game. Keep an eye out for any updates and future titles!