Reviews for "Valhalla Bound"

It's pretty fun. Kind of takes the dignity out of that funerary ritual (I'm aware it's not real, but the idea has dignity). I like how Odin cares more about the ships than the souls.

I think this game does need tutorials, but there's a lot of room for improvement. The ones you have are slow, non-interactive, over-explain some things and under-explain others. Most of the things in the tutorial could have been explained in-game, with a "shoot here" crosshair the first time you encounter a specific monster. I had no idea what to do when it was raining until I saw your explanation in response to another review.

I don't think you're getting complaints because people don't want things explained at all, but because your tutorials are tedious and completely break the pace of the game.

Avizial responds:

This is great feedback! I think you hit the nail on the head.

We have plans to completely overhaul the automated tutorials in a future update. However, for this current update (1.3.7) we implemented a help guide in the title screen that briefly and concisely informs the player on how to play the game.

We originally created the tutorials for the mobile market in mind. Especially for the casual gaming market. We now realize that many players on Newgrounds are skilled enough to understand basic game mechanics without so much hand-holding.

Thanks for playing our game! We hope to hear from you in future titles.

I stopped playing because the tutorials.

Avizial responds:

We are wrapping up development on some tweaks to the tutorial. Once we finish up a couple of other bug fixes (along with a couple of new features we are adding) we will upload an improved build.

Thanks for playing our game. A new build will be coming out soon!

Odin came too early for me to bang my poor head with his lightning. It all remind me of the good old "Mario Bros" days.

Avizial responds:

Glad to see you are having fun! Our character might be Mario's long-lost (often forgotten) Viking ancestor :P

In all seriousness, thanks for playing our game! We hope to hear from you in future titles!

Cool graphics, good music! Bring back good memories from my old msx games!!!

Avizial responds:

Always great to see another retro game lover :) Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks for playing our game. Hope to hear from you in future titles!

Simple, yet addicting. You made a great game that builds up in difficulty well. Keep up the great work!

Avizial responds:

Thanks, we will!

We have play-tested this game for hundreds of hours. Glad to see our hard work paying off :)

Thanks for playing our game. We hope to hear from you in future titles!