Reviews for "Valhalla Bound"

hah, odin should pay attention to the health issue of his vikings, damn they are dying like crazy! ;
) great game!

Avizial responds:

Vikings fought in some pretty epic battles! :)

Glad you enjoyed our game and thanks for playing! Hope to hear from you in future titles!

great game!

Avizial responds:

Thanks! We hope the next few games being made are just as well received! :)

Thanks for playing. Hope to hear from you in future titles!

This will be better with medals.

Avizial responds:

We couldn't agree more! We are still new in the gaming development scene and are learning news things every day.

We hope to add this functionality in future games.

Thanks for playing the game. We hope to hear from you in future titles!

I'm rank 8th good game!

Avizial responds:

Whoa, you've already beaten all of the dev's personal scores! XD Congratulations!

Think you can get that #1 spot? :) Also, there is a super-rare trophy that no-one has gotten yet!

Thanks for playing the game! Hope to hear from you in future titles. Or soon, since you are on your way to becoming the cream of the cream! Good luck!

Really loved it. For the graphics, for the gameplay, for the story...

But I put 4 stars because there is a big problem in my opinion : The goal, the positive actions and negative actions are not easy to determine:
- I had to play the demo to understand that the ships were to destroy and not to protect. As you are a viking and the ships are drakars sailing off from your coast, the intuition is not to shoot them.
- Then the ghosts, moving and disappearing after a time, seemed to me like bonus target.
Those two points would be solved by a 5sec animation showing your character shooting a boat, the soul reaching Valhalla and a short text like"Stay in peace, brother". Or a more obviously positive and negative sound when you do the right or wrong thing.
- Then the condition of loosing lives (letting go a boat). This is not obvious enough either. First because this occurs without any visual effect, then because the player is focused on the center or left part of the screen and boats disappear at the very right of the screen, at last because there is no sound relative to the loss of a ship. You only have 3 lives, loosing a ship is the worst thing ever, it should make a big bad noise ! Another thing that confused me with the lives is the little head you put next to the number of lives left. I understand that it is a very common thing in videogames to do so, but your character doesn't actually die when you loose a ship. Drawing a little ship instead of the head could be more explicit ?
- The rune : you have to shoot especially the rune and not the angel right ? But it makes exactly the same sound.
- The rain mechanic is still a unclear to me. You have to shoot several times each boat ? there is no clear visual or sound effect that tels you when you're finished with a boat.

But yet it is a great game, I'll install it on my smartphone at once

Avizial responds:

Wow, you make a lot of good points! You are a very meticulous reviewer!

- For the tutorial, we added a little box with a "?" on the upper right-hand corner to give a quick synopsis of the automated demo/tutorial. It doesn't explain everything, but we think it explains enough. We'd like to let people figure out and learn about the game "retro-style" ;P But we can add more to the tutorial, perhaps a tip page going a little more in-depth?

- For the loss of a life, this is a very good point. Perhaps we can make it more obvious that a Viking soul has not been saved and make the results more apparent. We will play around and look into this one.

- We can make separate sound-effect for the rune and angels. This one is simple :)

- The rain mechanic has a chance to douse the fire you lit on the boats. It won't always put out the fire but there is a high chance. However, if you hit the boats with a charged shot, it will always release the spirits. Even if the boat's fire goes out.

Thanks for the mobile support! Every little bit helps :)

And thanks for playing our game. Your feedback will come in handy for our next update! Hope to hear from you in future games.