Reviews for "In Space"

stuck in the lounge :(

Repair wrong :(

wow quite a good game it felt like one of the dont escape games the one in space but before everything went sideways

While I'm not into point and click adventure games, this was pretty fun. I love the atmosphere this game creates. The sound or lack of works so well. I especially like how I was able to find the first log. It's pretty simple. I went through the green door and looked under the first metal part.

Yeah, I don't know what those things are called. Sue me. It was cool how you even got to look outside. It's just a really nice image. The graphics are so quaint.

Very nicely made Things feel slightly shallow for the depth of the story, but I realize adding depth and details, would be a lot of work, and would make it a much bigger game. I looked for a restart button to play the other endings but found none. Is there one? imo, everything should be in-game, restart button and the mention of several endings, out-game descriptions shouldn't be relied on. Anyway GJ, thanks for sharing! :)

@Kenneth99: I thought the same thing until I figured it out: If you don't see an arrow, it means there's something to do. In the lounge, there's something to pick up.