Reviews for "In Space"

How do you get the third ending?

... cool. I'm just wondering why the Asian dude looks like a Black dude. you don't see many Asian black dudes in movies or shows, and I was just wondering if he was an Asian Black dude- it would be neat.

Dude, this is clearly a COPY of Space Paws (the adult video game also posted on NG)
The whole environtment, the plot (crisis of natural resources...), cryogenic room, sprouts room, even the chair of the library! C'mon, many artist take references from other games, pics...but what you did there is way too much.
I'm not saying it's a bad game, just a fraud.

RunningZombie responds:

I'm not familiar with the game you're referencing but the inspiration for this
game is from the film "Sunshine" directed by Danny Boyle. Essentially a team of astronauts are sent on a mission to save Earth. I gravitated to the idea that, even as difficult as the mission was, it was the astronauts themselves that caused the destruction.

Another inspiration was from the movie Moon. Sci-fi has always been my favourite genre.

The similarities you mention are what every space ship has. How would the crew members survive in space without plants to create oxygen? This was heavily inspired from "Sunshine", as in the movie the plants are destroyed.

What are they supposed to do while in space? Just sit there and play with their thumbs? They can hang out in the Lounge of course(not a library).

This 4-day adventure starts from getting to know everyone and ends up in a disaster. Having said that, I enjoyed playing this game. Not sure if presenting a profile of each crew member is useful.

It's okay for a quick game, however it's far too linear in my opinion (like, later you're forced onto certain paths and simply CAN'T stray from them since you're not given the option to move there)
The puzzles were fine and finding the logs was also okay, but apart from that it was rather "meh"
I wish there would have been more and deeper conversations and that your choices actually mattered and not just in the last section to choose your ending...but then the game would have had to be longer so I guess it's fine.
All in all, it's good if you want to waste some time and not be too deeply immersed.