Reviews for "In Space"

This is what I like about you. You always add the tragedy and a bad ending, where the protagonist and the other characters die. And that's the difference between your games and the other ones. The surprise at the end, telling you that, despite everything you can do, you end up dead, or filled with regrets. Keep them comming.

So... there were no happy endings to this story. :/ No matter who you blame, how fast you do things or where you go between events... it was a pretty tense little game, not too much to explore or figure out, but enough for a little trial and error and a few replays for the different endings. Challenge feels balanced, and the atmosphere is pretty eerie, though I wish the different choices you make could've had a bigger impact. Good game overall.


Good game. Maybe not long, but still enjoyable. Even the atmosphere is well-built for an only 3-day long game. Ability to find 3 different endings is an additional value of it.

But you should look into one thing because there is a feeling that some content is missing in the game.
When Laura (do I remember the name correctly?) is saying "What has he done?" or something like that after you extinguish the fire you just get the key and suddenly she is also dead, there is no logic in this scene.