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Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Golem War : March"

my counter part's words

in the immortal words of gandalf the white in lotr "it's the deep breath before the plunge". great song.


I liked it. You really should put the good stuff in front though! Im sure alot of ppl missed this tracks climax. But hey, a fairly good song.

Evil-Dog responds:

well if they are too stupid to hear the whole song that'S their problem.
I like the begining, if they don'T that's too bad.

I've never reviewed an audio file

but this caught my attention to such extreme extents on http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/194766 that game. It completley made the game superior, and I definatley plan on using this on my animation I am currently working on.

I didn't technically give you straight tens because it would be rude to give you straight tens when I don't know the first thing about audio

sounds amazing on 5.1 ss too XD

he did it again!

dude this is great how do you do this???
keep the good ones coming!!

vary nice vary clear and vary clean

3 things i love bowt this song not many beats and not many clear mistakes vary nice i hope you make a nother one like this atleast with a guitar lol rock it out like switch vs evil dog lol i hope you enjoy this comment cus i enjoyed this song i also like 1:30 through :3:16