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Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Golem War : March"


Dude, this is some AWESOME talent. Really enjoyed hearing everything you've made. I like talent from unknown individuals, not some snobby over-paid artist.

Keep it up.

really good stuff

gaming companies as well as movie companies should give you a call...who knows, they might even fight over your talent!XD

and that's only based off of two of your productions...imagine what they would do with three.....

seriously though, great stuff...

Freakin awsome

That was one of the best music clips ive heard on newgrounds yet! Nice work!


I liked it. You really should put the good stuff in front though! Im sure alot of ppl missed this tracks climax. But hey, a fairly good song.

Evil-Dog responds:

well if they are too stupid to hear the whole song that'S their problem.
I like the begining, if they don'T that's too bad.

Drummer Please

I have this gut feeling by listening to this, that you are using computer drums. I may be wrong but that's what it sounds like to me. Other than that, I notice you made a few of these cool gloomy, war songs (1 that you may remember me being influenced by) but a real drummer would do this song some great justice. My expert opinion on what you should do is do a remake and instead of using a synthesizer to make the violins and etc, have real people play these notes. I'm very sure you could get a lot of support composing the song. High Schools with good music programs will most likely have someone who would volunteer for that. Good luck and give me feedback about if it's AI drums or not. ( Kyle and I composed Hey You by Pink Floyd but changed the meaning towards the Halocaust. Anyone can succumb to Inhumanty. But it was like 500 Kb too much :P Can't beat the sustem! If you are interested I'll send it.) Cheers!

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah obviously, everything is made on the computer...I don't have an orchestra in my room hehehe
Could be a good idea to get real people to remake it, maybe some day. That's not in my near-future plan tho.