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Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Golem War : March"


...I could write a huge list of things that i liked about this piece, but i wont bore anyone. All that i have to say is awesome.


This my favorate song of yours I've listened to. It's absolutely amazing.

he did it again!

dude this is great how do you do this???
keep the good ones coming!!

I've never reviewed an audio file

but this caught my attention to such extreme extents on http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/194766 that game. It completley made the game superior, and I definatley plan on using this on my animation I am currently working on.

I didn't technically give you straight tens because it would be rude to give you straight tens when I don't know the first thing about audio

sounds amazing on 5.1 ss too XD

I love it!

This is a great song. I suppose it is somewhat ambient, but I'm sure it's melody will steal the stage in any situation. I plan to implement this into a game I am working on.
Thanks for the good tune!