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Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Golem War : March"

Up hill battle

Your Ambience is ambrosia. Especially this song you can almost fell the armies exhaustion but the will to carry on!

my god you never cease to amaze me

for fracks sake man if you dont stop making so many good things i will never get done reviewing your stuff xD GREAT work again!


Music like your ambients are the evil inspirations i've needed all along...for my roleplays.

Man i'm such a geek/nerd (And proud of it). This has a good song, its definetally like a 'we are comming' moment, or somethin'. Its great!

I guess I can get inspired without huge distoration and guitars, huh? :3


I love this song, its so great! it really gave me new ideas to put in a flash movie. The feeling this song gives me... i cant explain it... well, great work!^^


More ambient :( .. least its better than rap right ??

Evil-Dog responds:

what the hell are you doing? going through all my songs, telling me I shouldn't make ambient music, I do what I like, listen to the punk ones if that's what you like.