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Reviews for "Home Story: 1971"

I liked that you didn't use straight forward generic puzzles. The clock puzzle was by far my favorite, and the sand pit puzzle was good because it wasn't straight forward. Changing the sand puzzle made for a greater difficulty.

The story behind the game was great. I liked that it was told partially by finding the newspaper clipping. Excellent plot.

The music was very appropriate. The audio overall was great and added to the atmosphere. The graphics were great and I loved that the camera wasn't always stationary (I.E. the subtle shift when you first leave the room.)

This game was very well done. Adding to favorites, and you have 5 stars.

As I'm playing this game, it dawned on me that this is a little girl who's unaware of what really happened..Honestly, I love this game, very emotional and touching.

No its ok, Keep making things that hit us right in the feels, its OK guys, we don't need 'em anyways. I'm going to go cry silently to myself now.

Oh man, this feeling I have reminds me why I originally started coming here to Newgrounds. An earlier review by Zombie-Pimp (March 17th) described the sensation perfectly. Finally a simple game with a story that manages to remind you of deep emotion. Great experience.

I really like the way this is, it all flows well and I wasn't stuck at all. Story is good and so is the music and game