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Reviews for "Home Story: 1971"

Short and heartwarming. A perfect bite-sized game that does everything it needs to in 10 minutes. It's simple and well written with a very tactful look into grief that was handled beautifully.

How Jamie's Mom Said "i'm not feeling well" Creeped Me Out......

This point and click game is all about memories and trying to solve a puzzle. There are plenty of emotions and they can be very strong at times. It could be longer and have more content.

To me, it seemed very clich├ęd. I'd figured the story out immediately, it was very short and I found the puzzles too easy to solve, even the clock puzzle. However, the whole thing also seemed very personal, like something you had to get off your chest (and I hope for your and your family's sake that my guess is wrong here). And in that aspect, its' simplicity was touching and beautiful.

I already had my suspicions when I knew I couldn't enter Jack's room. but it's still sad. I liked it, had to look up the clock puzzle though because I didn't know what to do with what I got.