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Reviews for "Home Story: 1971"

Wonderful and touching story line. Loved the music as well. Well done!

Disappointing end. Very climax so that in the end just have it.

I really aprecciate games that can make you feel emotions, real connections. I have a brother and even though we have our disscusions, we always try to make up, we've been to each other almost all our lives. Losing that connection is something truly scary, something that would scar us for life. And that what i felt while i was playing, i could tell that jack was gone but i still felt the urge to search for awnsers, to find hope even knowing that there was not. I hope you sir keep making games because sometimes what sets you apart is not gameplay or the complexity, it's the emotions you make people feel in your games.

This was amazing. It was incredibly engaging yet still took enough time that it wasn't blown through in the span of a few minutes. Incredible.

Point and click adventure games have come a long way and I don't see what sets this one apart from the rest.