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Reviews for "Home Story: 1971"

That was a pretty good game. I really liked the art and soundtrack and the puzzles were cool too. The shadow puzzle was by far my favorite part. And that story! It was simple, straight forward and full of feels. Very well done!

THE FEELS MAN great game good job!!!

absolutely love this game

This whole game is just steeped in melancholy. The art style is pretty clean cut but far from stale or artificial. The emotion is understated, and you just take it in slowly as you go through the puzzles. Regardless of what theme or tone a point n click game is going for, this is pretty much how it should turn out. A really nice experience. Can't wait to see what else you put out!

I don't normally write reviews, but this game really moved me. It was a beautiful, yet subtle way to tell a story. The graphics all fit well together. The puzzles were just difficult enough to make you think and look, but not so difficult that it made you want to give up. The lack of pixel hunting was a welcome relief. Music was spot on for the ambiance of the story, and segued appropriately as necessary.

Please keep up the good work.