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Reviews for "Home Story: 1971"

This game does an amazing job of confronting a tragic event with the innocence of a child.

First off, the tragedy isn't immediately thrown in your face. The truth builds up in little moments (Jack's gone, the parent's depression, etc.). Then, to further keep the player from a gloomy atmosphere, the art is fun and quirky, like looking at the world through the eyes of a child. The contradiction between what we see as children and what we see as adults is well-represented in this game.

While I prefer my games to be more difficult, easy and simple games are fine as well. In this case, I think it worked relatively well, but I still found the puzzles a little boring. The exceptions would be the puzzle with the shadows and the sandbox puzzle. Those are unique approaches that I'm not used to seeing. It's disappointing that the shadows led to the solution to a clock puzzle, which have been done many times. I would aim for more puzzles and objects centered on what a child would deal with. Sandbox, mobile, and Simone Says work just fine, but the safe and the clock felt out of place.

I also appreciate the diversity within a small group of characters. Representation is important and, honestly, more interesting. Even the posters bring people of color into the game, which makes every other game filled with only white people look pathetic.

So, there's a little room for improvement, but only a little!!! You did a fantastic job on this!!!

My god the ending was so tear jerking. I loved it, please make more.

im not one who cries, but this game gave me tears. perfectly difficult puzzles, amazing graphics, probably the most beautiful game ever.

thats a good game

Mind-boggling mysteries , so nice!