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Reviews for "Home Story: 1971"

Sad story but fun! :)

This was an awesome game. I enjoyed the story. It really is a heartbreaking thing, but this journey was so much fun

I liked the game too much. Has a touch of nostalgia

This game just made me crate an account to rate it 5 the story is unreachable (that is going for you undertale fans) its just not a puzzle its very good, five stars

Unlike other point and click adventures, tossing me around and expecting me to understand the tiny puzzles, or giving me needlessly complicated patterns that would just leave me checking the walk through every two and a half minutes, this was simple, yet lovable. I had a feeling something bad happened from the way the little dialogue that was delivered, and could tell the brother was dead before getting to the attic. Yet, even though it was known, I still wanted to see how it ended. Spoiler alert, by the way. The innocence of Jamie, and not knowing her brother Jack died at sea, was just so refreshing compared to other big title games trying to do the same thing but making it too artsy, and needlessly complicated. My only suggestions are this.
One: The monologue from the parents is slow, try just having the text appear, rather then individual letters coming up to help the pacing.
Two: The Simone Says game was a bit slow, I had to click around a bit before it registered it had to start.
Three: The pacing of the music in Jack's room is good, and while it gets across the message that the story is coming to a close, it doesn't feel as sad as the rest of the story does.
Overall, great short game, I really enjoyed it. Five Stars.