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Reviews for "Home Story: 1971"

Aww!! This was amazing!! This was beautiful, so sad, but beautiful

I loved it. When I first got into the games I was getting rusty lake vibes, but I was pleasantly surprised when it took a deeper turn rather than creepy. The art style was great too. Please make more games like this :)

Amazing art style, good puzzles, and all around great game!

This was a beautiful game. The puzzles were interesting and the story was extremly compelling. I loved the clock puzzle concept.

The story was nicely building up, giving small hints, but not immediately throwing all the drama at you. The art was calming and the colors weren't "gloomy" unlike most games with some drama in it, which made you expect the outcome of this game even less. The puzzles were simple, which is good since it might've been possible if the puzzles were really difficult you would get side tracked from the story and focus on the puzzles. The concept was breath taking, and really shows a realistic view of losing a loved one and how everyone is dealing with it.
Overall, definitely a great game, good story, nice art, and an awesome mood.
This game definitely earns 5 stars, nice work!~