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Reviews for "Home Story: 1971"

So from what I gather Jamie could've died by drowning isn't it ? I just don't get the ending of his writing and finding the pieces, were they tied to the pictures ?

My only real complaint is that this isn't longer. I also wouldn't have minded a little more to the tragic story, but I'm crossing my fingers in hope that the makers will be putting all the finer details into another game. Very lovely.

As I was on newgrounds today, I thought to myself ," I wonder if there are any genuinely deep and story wise games on newgrounds." Then, I found this. If I ever wanted to show to someone that games are great, I'll show them this, along with other titles. What this shows is that no matter what technology you have, anyone can make a great story. Such a beautiful game with understandable puzzles that feel great when you solve them. The soundtrack helps a ton to show the emotion of this masterpiece. The well crafted story and the puzzles in the game are extremely good. I hope to enjoy all of your future projects.

Is this game worth a play? Yes, it is. This game has a nice story, hard and creative puzzles, and good gameplay. In my opinion, this is definitely worth a play.

Amazing game Please give a squeal (the feels though)