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Reviews for "Home Story: 1971"

good game

my other review wasnt good enough, this game was...powerful to say the least, i ended up crying because it has such a beautiful story about loss, i cant thank you people enough for making this game

I remember losing my sister. While she wasn't swept out to sea when she was 7, It happened just as suddenly after I'd had the priviledge to know and grow up with her for almost 15 years. She was one of my role models and at times, my best friend. She died from a possible epileptic shock on May the 24th 2014. It destroyed me. At times, it still hurts, the pain never fully goes away. Rather, it rears its head sometimes to remind me of its existence.
I want to cry, but I'm either too exhausted or reserved, I can't tell.
Life is full of pain, but there's also love and beauty. We only have to open our hearts to it, as cliche as it may sound.
Life goes on.
I'm still here.
I'm still alive, even though I may not feel it sometimes.
I still mature and change.
I only regret that my sister couldn't do the same.
Við sjáumst í Nangijala, Tinna.

doesnt work after the line and put them back together

Absolute great game, got hit hard with the feelings. The piano tune, the atmosphere and the items found as the game progress, while revealing a bit of the backstory for what happened to Jack also paints a heavy, depressing picture. Art is near perfect. Gameplay requires more wits than similar typical games, especially the time/clock puzzle with the shadow alignments.

It is actually quite fascinating for a team of two able to make such an awesome game like this. From the bottom of my heart, thank you JustwoGames.


PS. It's even sadder to know that the devs have went on a complete hiatus after launching a new escape game for mobile (Escape - Logan Estate) in Feb this year, (possibly) abandoned their social media accounts and stopped the Patreon support. No matter what happened to them, they have made this game to held a special place in my heart along with many other one-hit wonders and I hope we'd be able to get some news or updates from them soon.