Reviews for "Sleeptime Fun! v1.13 (Web version)"

After spending 15 min dragging until her right foot was visible in my first successful attempt, she woke up shortly afterwards from stroking her knee with the same speed as her tigh.
Getting more experienced leads to faster results, but doesn't change that starting from zero after the player invested quite some time and effort because of a single mistake is extremely demotivating.
The prospective to carry over key successes, like removing the blanket or shifting the arm out of the way, would make "bad endings" far less disheartening.

Remember, most of those starting this kind of game aren't here for a excruciatingly punishing challenge. If "patient masochists" are your target group, you should mention the game's character in the desription, so others stay clear or at least have been warned.

Different symbols for shifting and petting would also help to avoid confusion.

Raynsan responds:

I will consider adding some way to keep progress, besides getting better at it.
Thanks for the suggestion!

good shit mate. all you really need is to fix the balancing issues. animations and sounds are on point! cant wait for the next version to drop.

Raynsan responds:

Thank you :) she can now orgasm only by touching certain spots

Has anyone managed to A, get your own pleasure bar full, and B get the mushroom available? not sure if it is implemented yet. good game, just needs some balancing for the bar, perhaps make it so the different spats have different awakening/pleasure levels, I wasn't able to tell if they were already different or not.

Raynsan responds:

Thanks! Those features are not available in this version. Did some balancing tho!

cant get the green meter up unless you like kiss her for an hour also don't click the yellow button it crashes

Good graphics, good animations and nice audio effects, a good start in general. However, balancing and stuff needed IMO:

- user can bypass any threat just by kissing, there's no need to remove the blanket even, just a little patience and after her first orgasm user can do absolutely whatever
- you need to restrict the pull of nipples and boobs for graphics go weird if you pull too hard
- right hand in a "behind the body" position is obviously cut at the elbow when she orgasms
- need some logic behind "user idle after good awakening" for at the moment she's getting cold on me without any apparent reaction

Raynsan responds:

Updated the game. Thanks for the report!