Reviews for "Sleeptime Fun! v1.13 (Web version)"

managed to undo top and bottom but i think this version is not possible to undo panties, i only managed to spread her legs and pull up panties not take of

You know, this game is 10/10 IGN if you have a unresponsive mouse.

quick review, takes FOREVER to raise male pleasure bar to a point where i gave up. great concept, super tough to do everything. read that you were gonna add something like checkpoints. think you should add a remove panties scene or something like that. maybe do a squirt scene when she orgasms? curious about the mushroom still. maybe change her face when doing the panty pulls? maybe add more ways to increase male pleasure? these are all just recommendations. keep up the goo stuff! look forward to future updates!

Raynsan responds:

Nice suggestions! I may add other features in the future, for now I'm working on a new game.

Awesome game! If anybody has any idea on how to undo the shirt, please pass that info along. I have the buttons but after that. I'm stumped. To get the pants pull on the very end of one of the strings. Also don't touch the yellow button in the corner. It'll crash your game. The Blue goes full screen....and not sure about the red.

Raynsan responds:

Thank you :> shirt when note raised can be opened by dragging from a point above the top-most button
Removed the top-right buttons for the web version.

instructions plis i can get shirt up partially pull covers and undo buttons
cant pull strings moving her heand doesnt help for shit