Reviews for "Sleeptime Fun! v1.13 (Web version)"

My honest critique:
It's very well made, with plenty of interaction. But personally, I think you should really, really lower the sensitivity of the girl. It shouldn't be enraging to try and have your own little personal fun, if you catch my drift. That's my only complaint; very well and currently deserving of 3.5 stars.

when i was browsing newgrounds for porn game i was looking for game when you make sleeping girl feel good and then you fuck, and now HEUREKA to you man i love this game and i try everything right know and now little sis (in game ofcourse) is watching me and game is still on please tell me that is not a bug.
but still i have some questions
1-can you take off her panties and whole shirt
2-can you have sex with her (vaginal or BJ)
3-is any other possible solution to filling up male meter then kissing
please reply me as soon you got time and thank you for reading my review and Im sorry for my
grammar I suffer from dysgraphia
PS will be on newgrounds any new versions with sex please i know i ask in the question section :)

Raynsan responds:

Happy you like it! :)
Panties or having sex is not available in the lite version. You can remove the shirt however by unbuttoning > dragging from above the first button when the top is not raised and then remove it completely by dragging from under her left breast

How do you remove panties?

Raynsan responds:

Not in this version, sorry

Very Nice game, thank you and keep going, but i'm stuck.

I can take off :

- Blanket
- Pull up top
- Take off harm
- Unbutton top
- Unbend left leg
- Caress her, but it seems to be possible to take off the top and the trouser?
How can i do that?

Thank you

Raynsan responds:

Thank you!
For the top you have to unbutton first and then drag from above the top-most button when the shirt is not raised.
To pull pants down you have to drag one of the strings first and then pull from the top of the pants when legs are straight.

I really do wish I could enjoy this, and the graphics and idea behind the game are nice, but this girl has a heart attack if you so much as land a glancing blow on that blanket of hers!