Reviews for "Sleeptime Fun! v1.13 (Web version)"

how to get the good awakening:
1. take off all her clothes except for her panties.
2. pull on one of her nipples until it snaps back.
3. she will wake up but the game wont end and you no longer can lose.

Plays like catmario, annoyingly hard and when it goes wrong, it's the game's fault.

Don't get me wrong great game but if u think anybody will pay a damn cent for some thing that should be FREE you are dead wrong, I suggest just sticking with donations, no one wants to pay to beat off to a game. just upload it for free and ask for donations so you can keep working on the game.

check points or somthing

I hate the heartbeat. I know people complained about "wahh it's so hard to watch her eyes" but the loud heartbeat breaks the mood. Give us the option to turn it off, please.